In the name of Almighty God,

Based upon the spirit of United States Constitution,

this World Fashion City®, Inc.

resolved to renew its purposes so as to

strengthen and fulfill His holy calling.


Recognizing and

relying upon God, the Creator,

Giving thanks to Him,

Mindful of its responsibility and

roles to the world,

Determined to use its blessings

and wealth that He provides for

the good purposes of People

coming back to Jesus, and

In the solemn knowledge

that this Company was established only for

the glory of God and is to be

operated according to His will,

World Fashion City®, Inc.

adopted its mission statement,

goals and action plans.








Thank you for visiting our World Fashion City®, Inc.

We are honored to share the exciting vision that we hold on for ourselves and our strategic partnerships around the world. As the exclusive developer of World Fashion City®, we are focused on developing the new urban environments that are second to none in functionality and style, in close collaborations with global leaders and renowned companies. As a global leader of world trade infrastructure, we are looking forward to what the future will bring as we make our vision come to life for our partnering cities around the world.
In addition to developing the world class urban environments, we have a higher mission in bringing the world closer by facilitating fashion, exchange of services and innovation through our comprehensive approach. By leveraging our world fashion network, our mission is to enable people work together through and for Finance, Fashion, Education, IT, Bio/Medical technology, Cultural exchange, Residential environment and Entertainment sectors.
Our global partners in education, healthcare, medical research & development, advanced technologies and other specialties join us in implementing our vision, maximizing the economic and social value of cooperation to live and grow as one.
I encourage you also to join our mission as we create venues that will truly become the highlighted destination of respective cities around the world.
Joshua Roh


  • Dr. David H. Lee now serves as Chairman of World Fashion City®, Inc. as well as Chairman of World Fashion Organization®, under which World Fashion Bank® (TBD/IO) is in organization.

    He had worked as Chairman for the World Trade Centers of which network is located in almost 300 cities over 100 countries. He received his Ph.D. at Madrid National University and his post doctorate at the University of California, San Diego. He also studied at WSU School of Law in the U.S. and in the International Relations department of St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, as in-resident researcher.
  • Academically, while serving as Foundation Fellow, HMC, University of Oxford until 2011, a professorship was named in 2007 for his sake as David H. Lee Senior Research Fellow at HMC in the University of Oxford.

    Aside from his intensive career in the trade financing industry such as TradeCard®, he was on numerous professorships worldwide such as in U.S., Japan and Europe and has published extensively both books and articles covering a wide range of topics in international economics and regional development. Dr. Lee has been awarded several scholastic and academic honors as well as a commendation from Mexico, Korea, U.S., China and Spain in appreciation of academic achievement for cooperation between developing and developed countries.
  • Recently, he has been recommended as one of the candidates in consideration for the top trade position in the U.S. Administration.

    Source: Marquis’ Who’sWho & U.S. Credentials

    David H. Lee Chairman


  • Joshua Roh is President of World Fashion City®, Inc. Based on his extensive experience with World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and being responsible for business development and strategy, he has built an innovative development model called ‘World Fashion City®’. By the harmonious urban development, he commits his efforts to “improving the quality of human life”.
  • Through his dedication and leadership, he has formed a global partnering network with many world-renowned international entities such as Oxford University, J. William and Harriet Fulbright Center, Nobel Family Foundation, Jumeirah Hotel & Resort, Guggenheim Museum and Siemens, to name a few. Working in such areas as education, culture, medical research & development and advanced technology, these partners enrich and create synergy within World Fashion City®.
  • As a global leader, he is also actively participating and leading numerous events in World Economic Summit, TPT Global Leadership Conference, International CEO Forum, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Conference, Arab Business Club Forum, World Etiquette Costume Festival, World Fashion & Media Summit and many others.

    Joshua Roh President